Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dad's Apple Tree

The fall before dad passed away he helped us find a new tree for our front yard. The original tree that had been planted had taken a beating in the wind and so we needed something new. Dad loved this Honeycrisp apple tree and told us we'd have apples that first fall. We didn't believe him but last year we had a few apples. This year our tiny tree is full of juicy and delicious apples. Thanks dad! Every morning when I pull out of my driveway and see that tree I know you are with us.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


This weekend we spent a bit of time at the cabin to break up the trip to Bismarck. On Saturday night we decided to play whist. I remember this being such a rite of passage for me. I knew I was "grown up" when I got to play cards with the adults. As we taught Steve and Jason the rules of the game lots of memories came flooding back: 1. Grandpa Kenny teasing grandma Eleanor that she was laying in the weeds when she didn't want to grand. 2. Grandpa Kenny saying he had a hand like a foot. 3. All of the adults admonishing us for "table talk" 4. Dad and mom playing against Grandpa and Grandma. 5. Grandpa Kenny always having an ace on the bottom. As we sat in the basement listening to the jukebox and playing whist I felt like Grandpa and Grandma Emerson and dad were right there with us cheering us on. PS...Mom and I won! Don't let anyone tell you differently.