Saturday, December 21, 2013

Glimpses of Dad!

This week each day has been filled with glimpses of dad. On Thursday, Ellie and I rode the Holly Jolly Trolley to see the lights of Rochester with the girl scout troop. At one of the lighted homes, the owner came out in his carhartt bibs to give the kids hot chocolate and cider. As we pulled away from his house I looked up to see him lighting up a cigarette. Images of dad in his carhartt bibs with a smoke hanging out of his mouth came to mind. Today we made flatbread, one of dad's favorites. We used Beatti's famous recipe with the malt-o-meal. As we rolled out the dough I could hear dad saying, " Let the rolling pin do the work. Don't use too much flour or they'll be tough. They should be paper thin." Today I'm grateful for these taps on the shoulder from dad. Missing you today and always, dad!