Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Call to Grandpa Myles

Tonight Erik decided he needed to make a special call to grandpa Myles. He wanted to make sure grandpa knew about his new car. He said, "Hello grandpa. Is Jesus taking good care of you? I have a new car that has two seats so there is room for you. I love you grandpa." I asked how grandpa was and he said, "Good. He misses us but Jesus is taking care of him."

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Memories of the Little Brown House

The last month or so mom has been working very hard to get the house ready to sell. We'll head up north in a few weeks to help her move some things out and get ready to move into town. It will be a blessing for her not to have to worry about snow removal, mowing, and those little furry creatures that you get when you live in the country. As I think about my childhood it seems every room or place in the yard has a memory: My old bedroom:I can clearly remember the burned hole in the carpet that was made when I tipped my dresser over and the lamp full down. Dad was not very happy with me about that one! My new bedroom: I always thought I had the coolest bedroom with the loft, built in desk and fancy waterbed. I remember many nights playing in the loft with the Aandals and the night Travis decided to jump down! The basement: My sisters and I spent many days playing house down in the basement and having Barbie fashion show contests. I also remember some great birthday parties and playing pin the tail on the donkey downstairs in the basement. The playhouse: As I remember it Grandpa Rufus and dad worked together to build us a playhouse. We thought it was a deluxe model because it had sliding glass windows and a dutch door. Dad was never too busy to come through our drive-through and order a Big Mac. These and so many more memories are tied up in the little brown house. I was a lucky kid!