Saturday, September 12, 2015

A New Friend

This last week Erik started pre-school. We all thought he'd just sail into this new adventure since he is not shy at all and loves meeting new people. Not so much! He actually cried until lunch on the first day and came out with red and puffy eyes. On Wednesday I worried how he would do. When we arrived, there was another little boy just arriving who looked terrified. They started to play side by side and I hoped that they would become buddies. When I picked him up on Wednesday the staff said he had a much better day. In Erik's words, "I only cried a tiny, winy bit and I met a new friend." I asked him what his friend's name was. Myles was the answer.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Glimpses of Dad

This past week I have noticed lots of little glimpses of dad in each of the kids. We attended Vacation Bible School Family Night last week and the kids got to share all of their songs and actions. As all the kids sang along I noticed that Erik was decidedly off-beat with his clapping... just like Grandpa Myles! Today, we spent the day in Woodbury enjoying Myndy and Jason's pool. We had lots of snacks but both Mylee and Ellie spent all of their time eating watermelon...just like Grandpa Myles! We also had some time to jump off the diving board and Anna spent her time making up funny dives to get us to laugh. She likes a good joke...just like Grandpa Myles!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It all started with the band concert...

The last few weeks have been full of taps on the shoulder from my dad. It started with Ellie's band concert a little over a week ago. While she was getting ready I remembered my own very first band concert in sixth grade. Poor dad had to drive home and get the flute I had forgotten at home. I'll give you three guesses how happy Susie was with me. Then after enduring that horrible first sixth grade concert I remember drilling him on the way home, " What was your favorite song?" "What did you like best about the concert?" "Could you hear me playing on the fourth measure?" I am sure that he was just glad that it was all over but he played along like the great dad that he was. He listed favorite parts and favorite measures and made me feel so important. Tonight we had a dance party to celebrate Steve's birthday. Our friend Dustin told us of the "great mouse adventure" at his mom's apartment. His mom had called him in a panic about a dead mouse under her bed. He had many questions including, "how do you know it is dead?" "how long has it been there?" "how did it die?" When he arrived he realized it was just an extension cord covered in dust. This reminded me of how much fun dad used to have with dryer lint scaring mom with fake mice. I am thankful for all of the taps on the shoulder. I miss you every day dad!