Saturday, January 18, 2014

Curious Call

A few weeks ago mom received a phone call at 4 am. It was the day she was closing on the house so she'd been having trouble sleeping that night. It was a man named Marty Fairbanks. He had been a sentenced to serve worker and he and dad had hit it off many years ago. When he was able to move into his first apartment mom and dad bought him a microwave and some other items that they thought he would need. He had been away from Thief River Falls for the last few years and called looking for dad. Mom told him that dad passed away and he couldn't believe it. He told mom how dad had been like a father to him and his dream was to run a tree service business with dad. Mom finally got him calmed down and told him to keep in touch. On a day when we needed dad, this call made mom realize how much he is still around in the others that remember and miss him.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Letter To Dad

Dear, Dad Today I'm feeling the need to be closer to you so it's time for a letter. First, an update on the Christmas festivities of 2013: * Katy continues to be in the lead for best lefse roller. She and mom made homemade lefse for all of us and Steve-o ate the most. * Erik is on a no-clothes kick. Every day he asks if he has to wear pants. He is currently wearing fireman underwear and roaming the house. * Myndy and Jason hosted a great Christmas celebration. You would have loved the pasta bar with homemade meatballs. * Mylee and Stella got a fancy Cadillac Escalade for their present. Should be fun this spring and summer. No Crestliner for us yet, but Steve is shopping for boats daily! You would be proud of mom. She has done a great job getting the house ready to sell and should close sometime next week. I made her a book about "The Little Brown House" where you are featured promimently! Many shots of the family with wild game. Myndy and Jason are in Hawaii and Stella keeps thinking there is a man who looks like you...right down to the Merrells and Hawaiian shirt. I'm sure you are keeping an eye on all of us and tapping us on the shoulder ocassionally. Love you, Heather