Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Juke Box Hero

Tonight we celebrated my mom's birthday with dinner in Cannon Falls. We asked her for her best birthday party memory. She said, "A party where we got to invite boys and we got to swim in the gravel pit." Is anyone surprised by this? When I asked her what her best gift was she did not hesitate at all. "My fiftieth birthday when Myles bought me the jukebox." I will never forget that day and how excited my dad was for mom to see the gift. We had her come out to the garage and she thought she was getting a new dining room table. When mom saw the jukebox she kissed the guy from Jim's game supply. He said it was the best reaction he'd ever gotten from a delivery. The next time you come to the cabin and listen to a tune remember my dad, the jukebox hero!

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