Friday, September 19, 2014

Cheese Curds and the Bucket List

Today has been a day filled with memories of my dad. I stopped by the grocery store and had to pick up an appetizer for a happy hour party. They had fresh cheese curds and the lady giving out the samples called them squeakers, just like dad! Of course I bought some and they were delicious. Later today, Erik and I spent some time swinging on the swing set in the backyard. I thought of how dad and Steve got up at 6 am to start construction on the swing set and how we had to convince dad that he couldn't start drilling and nailing at 6 am in the city! Just now, we watched The Bucket List. I remember dad loving this movie and it's message...find the joy in your life! I am grateful for the glimpses of dad today.


Diane Jordan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of bittersweet memories! This time of year always bring memories of my dad, a farmer. Tractors on the roads, heading to harvest fields. I still can't see a wired on triangular caution sign without welling up. Love those dads!

Diane Jordan said...
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